With over 16 years' experience writing for national magazines and newspapers, including nine years at Cosmopolitan and two years as Editor of Co-op Food magazine, I went freelance in 2018. I've since expanded my portfolio to include copywriting for brands such as All Bar One, ibis Hotels and Fuller's, and product testing and reviews. I recently finished writing my first novel. Find me on Twitter @Mullies.


How to do a Wedding in 2019, Marie Claire

'Back in the 80s, if you got hitched clad in so much blinding-white satin it was a wonder you didn't slide out of the church like a human luge, you could keep the evidence to yourself.'

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In Praise of Downshifting, body + soul

'The thought of having to relive this part of my life over and over again horrified me, and made me realise I'd reached my limit.'

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The Eight Conversations Every Couple Should Have, Grazia

'The next eight evenings you spend with your partner could seal your future together.'

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Is Pain A Feminist Issue? Marie Claire

'There's a cultural tradition that regards women as unreliable witnesses.'

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Why was I so comfortable using 'mum' as an insult? Grazia

'The more friends I "lost" to parenthood, the more self-righteous I became.'

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Are You Burning Out? Cosmopolitan

'Burnout has become the watchword of our generation.'

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Bauhaus: 100 years of radical design

'"Less is more," declared Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. And, thanks to Bauhaus’ enduring legacy, history has proved him right.' 

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The Young Ones Co-op Food

'Feeling jealous of a cow is a weird experience...'

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How To Get Out Of A Sex Slump, Marie Claire

'It feels like a very grown up piece of kit, and one we’re definitely going to try again – once I find the charger, which I’ve lost somewhere under the bed.'

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Magical Venice, Platinum (ghostwritten)

'The holiday began with us lugging our suitcases up steep stone steps in the rain, and taking it in turns to push our bed back into place, as it kept sliding away from the wall and halfway across the room.'

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'I'll always miss my sister,' Cosmopolitan

A world-exclusive interview with Stephanie Kercher which was printed in international editions of Cosmo, reaching millions of readers globally. 

'Amy's hidden battle with bulimia,' Cosmopolitan

An exclusive interview with Amy Winehouse's best friend, in which she spoke about Amy's battle with bulimia and how it might have contributed to the star's death for the first time.

'The only person you should listen to is yourself,' Body + Soul

A cover interview with Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke for Australian magazine Body + Soul, on body image, confidence, and her partnership with beauty brand Clinique.

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Different in my day, Candis

The first in a new franchise interviewing family members who do the same job in different generations. Firefighters Mark and Victoria are a father-daughter pair who both worked for the London fire brigade.

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Toasters, BBC Good Food
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Christmas hampers, IndyBest
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Water jugs, BBC Good Food
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Turkeys, IndyBest
Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 17.07.56.png
Kettles, IndyBest
Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 17.08.59.png
Mother's Day gifts, IndyBest
Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 17.02.12.png
Hand blenders, IndyBest
Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 17.14.43.png
Scales, IndyBest
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Drinks trolleys, BBC Good Food




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